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  • Model One


       The Model One---A New Generation of Integrated Amplifier

      Through some six years of painstaking research and development and exhaustive listening trials the Model One by NSR---a new Generation of Integrated Amplifier featuring a digital interface plus a pure analog is now here. The Model One redefines the integrated amplifier like no other. As the very first NSR Integrated Amplifier, the Model One defines the state of NSR technical art and the sum of the brand’s knowledge and design skills.


      High Level of Reproduction Realism

      Featuring two ESS9018 chips housed in a robust DAC module and a dedicated HDMI interface to receive the native I2S and DSD music data, the Model One is capable of hardware decoding the native DSD files--including DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256; the USB input reliably and accurately receives audio data in PCM format at up to 32-bit/384KHz while offering supports for virtually any of your high resolution music format including DXD files.


      Unsurpassed Musical Purity

      NSR has been dedicated to the uncompromising art of sound, with the guiding principle of musical purity above all else. Key to the exemplary purity and exacting precision of the Model One is that the digital section and analog section use independent power supplies to optimize power for the cleanest, most stable signals possible. Higher frequency digital noise may propagate through signal cables to add further sonic loss. For this reason, the Model One offers a discrete, direct-coupled, and punishingly short signal path, and the minimum cables and cords are used within the space saving chassis. NSR engineers spare no expense sourcing the best possible materials from around the world, and take painstaking effort hand-matching each transistor up to a merciless standard. Featuring a low distortion, high-speed, and wide bandwidth design, along with meticulously-selected 0.5PPM oscillators, the proprietary NSR signal circuit cancels virtually all the distortion and noise while maintaining a THD less than 0.03% at full power output. With a staggering 85v/uSec slew rate and a 650kHz/-3dB bandwidth, the Model One is filled to the brim with everything you need to get every last musical note and nuance of your records---including some you may have never heard before. The result is a remarkable retrieval of ambient detail that other integrated amplifiers simply cannot reach.


      Industrial-grade Chassis  

      The peerless craftsmanship of NSR is evident in every aspect of the Model One. Housed in an industrial-grade, steel chassis, the  Model One features extremely high precision, to exceedingly low tolerances. The shielded steel box protects the internal components and other circuits against electrostatic and magnetic interference and the extraneous dust and moist while offering an identical operating condition regardless of temperature and humidity.   


    1. 32 bit Xmos and ESS-Sabre PCM/Native DSD Techinical Solution;

    2. USB audio class 2.0 supports PCM format at up to 32bit 384khz ;

    3. Supports DSD64/ 2.8Mhz,DSD128/5.6Mhz ,DSD256/11.2Mhz ;

    4. 1ppm high precision hand-matched oscillator;

    5. ultra-low jitter clock at 0.01UI(p-p);

    6. Support windows Audio class 2.2 drive;

    7. Supports Native DSD and DSD audio over USB,Dop mode;

    8. Adopts two 8-channel parallel mono ESS9018 chips; 

    9. CPLD digital signal processing technology to effectively process all audio signal; 

    10. Preamp high level output strengthen the low distortion volume control capability and supports IR infrared ray volume control;

    11. 22M bandwidth high CMR floating design transformer single-ended output, ensures that single-ended sound effects as excellent as the XLR;

    12. Features an expansive set of inputs: HDMI; USB; AES/EBU; SPDIF, Optical; 

    13.  Built-in CPLD processor to switch audio signal and correction;

    14. High-definition OLED dispaly;

    15. All audio output has anti-switch impact design to protect your system;

    16. Unique fully enclosed chassis design, so that electronic components and gold-plated circuit board work in a stable state, effectively prevent the external moisture and dust erosion;

    17. A long period of test to verify a variety of material shock isolation design, so that the music reproduction to reach  an unprecedented realism;

    18. A unique, accurately-adjusted bronze alloy pin;

    19. Internal audio wiring is made of Scotland ATLAS 6N signal crystal copper wire.

    20. Custom, real 75 ohms WBT terminals for internal connection, Bandwidth above 1G. 

    21. Digital and Analog sections Separation 。



    Pre amp RCA analogue output:

    Frequency response: 20Hz-20Khz  -0.1dB

    THD-N<0.001% @ 1khz/20khz,


    output amplitude1.2V

    Output impedance:50 watt

    Amplifier Parts

    Output power: 100 watt RMSchannel@8 ohm;160watt RMSchannel @4ohm

    Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz ±0.1dB3Hz-650kHz -3dB

    Slew Rate85v /uSec

    Dampening FactorAt 100hz 8= 800

    THD-N<0.02% @ 1khz/20khz,100W,8Ω;

    Digital Part

    receivable sample frequency/bit depth:PCM16bit44.1khz24bit 44.1khz48khz96khz176.4khz192khz352.8khz384khz

    1Bit DSDDSD56/2.8MhzDSD128/5.6MkhzDSD256/11.2Mhz

    Digital audio input


    Pre amp analogue output:RCA non symmetric

    Speakers output:WBT terminal

    Power:AC 220V 50Hz

    Static power consumption :25Watt

    Maximum power consumption:500W

    Net weight:30kg


    Package size:71*58*32cm(Width*depth*height)

    Gross weight:48kg

    Picture poster


    Driver download


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