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BA 1



      NSR's products are all about sound, regardless of cost.

      Take the fully balanced design of the BA-1 with Bluetooth receiver as an example: The Bluetooth receiver is not merely using our NET.WORK Bluetooth receiver, but a newly developed balanced output version with balanced input switching.

      The fully balanced amplifier circuit and component selection are exactly the same as the backstage in our famous Model ONE. Unparalleled ultra-high slew rate, actual bandwidth of 350khz, and the design concept of the last watt make the entire circuit and huge The combination of plate-making hedgehog transformer and ultra-high-speed filtering provides powerful driving ability beyond imagination and natural and smooth sound.

      Even where people can't see it, we can also see our ultimate pursuit: the entire casing is made of non-magnetic material, even the screws are stainless steel; the terminal posts use German original WBT non-magnetic connectors ….

      As for the sound performance, I can call BA-1 one of the most value-for-money NSR electronics products ever (the other is our small Bluetooth receiver). Let more strict requirements for sound enter the NSR AUDIO family.

      Technical Parameter

      Play part



      Analog Gain

      max 3dB

      Digital Gain

      max 21.5dB





      Amplifier part

      Output Power

      100w RMS/Voca@8Ω;160w RMS/Voca@4Ω

      Slew rate


      Dimension(W x H x D):


      Frequency response:






      Damping coefficient


      Audio input

      Bluetooth 5.0, Balanced XLR

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