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NMT NSR Media Transport




      The NSR NMT --- Redefines the Media Transport   

      The NSR brand always represents extraordinary levels of audio performance in high-end audio industry. With that heritage, NSR introduced perhaps the finest, most-accomplished media transport ever made---the NSR NMT Media Transport. Few media transport at any price can boast the designers and unrivaled component quality of the NSR NMT.

      The Highest Level of Reproduction Realism

      A milestone for the brand and the audio industry, the NSR NMT is of extraordinary component quality. The NMT media transport will reliably and accurately transfer audio data over USB in PCM format at up to 32-bit/384KHz, or in native DSD format at up to DSD 256, along with virtually any of your high-resolution music format. It is literally filled to the brim with everything you need to get every last musical note and nuance out of your records---bringing your valued records to a new life.

      The DSD ISO music file has long been an insurmountable code to crack in musical reproduction. Now the unrivaled resolution and reproduction capability of the NSR NMT Media Transport can even effortlessly hardware decode the DSD ISO music file, raising the bar in digital audio capability to the highest level of realism. This is a first all over the globe.

      Unsurpassed Musical Purity

      NSR has been dedicated to the uncompromising art of sound, with the guiding principle of musical purity above all else. NSR engineers spare no expense sourcing the best possible materials from around the world, and take painstaking effort hand-matching each transistor up to a merciless standard. Combined the proprietary NSR amplification circuit design with 32-bit resolution, the low-jitter data stream (less than 0.01UI) reduces distortion and noise, allowing a remarkable retrieval of ambient detail that other transports simply cannot reach. Two S/PDIF inputs are included to synchronously and accurately transport the left and right 24-bit/192KHz signal. The NSR NMT offers a dedicated HDMI interface along with a 10Gbps transfer rate through which low-jitter stream can be transported from a long distance.

      Easy-to-Use Design

      The NSR NMT is configurable with a 3.5 inches, hot-pluggable server HDD jack for connection of more music sources. The easy-to-use NMT offers a simple operation interface over HDMI interface which enables you to enjoy all the functions at you fingertips and all that is needed is an included apple remote control. The dedicated internet interface provides connection to the NAS to access your personal music libraries on the mobile or tablet. Most audio formats are compatible with the NMT --- including WAV, FLAC, PCM, DSD,DXD...

      PCM: 16-BIT/32kHz---32-bit/384kHz, DSD: DSD64 (2.8M)---DSD256(11.2M)    



      Output: USB x 2, NAS network x 1;

      Input: AES/EBU X 1, USB X 1, HDMI X 1, SPDIF X 2;

      Built-in Router

       Built- in 3.5 inches, hot-pluggable server HDD jack;

      Output Level: 2V p-p

      Jitter < 0.01UI

      Most audio formats are compatible with the NMT --- including WAV, FLAC, PCM, DSD,DXD...

      PCM: 16-BIT/32kHz---32-bit/384kHz, DSD: DSD64 (2.8M)---DSD256(11.2M) 

      Weight: 19 KG

      Dimensions(WHD): 450X110X380MM


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