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RF The Ultimate Reference Rack



      RF The Ultimate Reference Rack

      NSR believes that sturdy load-bearing structure is the most effective way to resist vibrations. Therefore, it has been the focus of our research and development in RF to connect very rack post and supporting plate into a monolithic structure by a variety of approaches. Though the experience of HiFi agency and sales experience in the past 30 years, we know very well what qualities and functions a top-end rack should possess!

      As reference-level NSR rack, we considered all the problems that everybody thinks of.

      Any design that allows height adjustment is unacceptable to us. Since it will affect the connection strength between the posts and the support plate.

      Any method that does not allow us to precisely adjust the levelling is not acceptable to us since any levelling issue in one board will also affect the level of other boards.

       ● Any design with weight loading limit will be totally unacceptable to us. We seek to produce an audio rack that can accommodate equipment of any weight provided that it is something the floor of your listening room can support.

      We accept only surface finish with precision of less than 0.05mm since the RF rack symbolises the user’s taste and identity. It is not only rock solid but also is as fine as a piece of artwork.

      RF is customisable and upgradable. With the support of RF solid stainless steel bolts and rack base, it is very easy to change the height of rack the number of shelves, or even upgrade it to a monolithic structure in the future.

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    RF The Ultimate Reference Rack

    RF The Ultimate Reference Rack

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