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S3C center speaker


      NSR S3C center speaker

      For a long time, the center speaker has always given everyone a sense of dispensability; that is, just install two small speakers and a tweeter... Instead, the two left, and right channels next Relatively much attention is paid, and the idea of attaching the stereo system to the left and right main speakers is used to set the multi-channel system.

      In a multi-channel system that does not pay much attention to sound quality, the above idea is not a big mistake. After all, in the leisure system of the living room, it is difficult to achieve the strict setting of the equal energy of the three groups of left, right, and right speakers (Unless the left and right speakers are shrunk together).

      However, the central channel plays a very important role in the multi-channel system! It can be exaggerated to say that more than 70% of the sound effect comes from the middle speaker. Whether it is the tenor in the opera or the dialogue between the hero and the hero in the movie, all kinds of deafening guns, the roar of the sports car engine, are all so.

      The purpose of NSR was to make the best audio equipment. Therefore, after fully understanding the importance of the center speaker, we finally launched our flagship center speaker at the end of 2019: S3C.

      S3C has our unique active subwoofer design, with M 900 dedicated power amplifier, so that the frequency response of the low frequency is flat at 120dB sound pressure until 30hz without attenuation, and with the 8-inch coaxial mid-treble with 95dB sensitivity, the low distortion Large sound pressure bandwidth becomes a reality;

      Another advantage of having a large bandwidth is that the center speaker can directly select the full-frequency mode without using the DSP of the AV pre-stage too much to participate in the low-frequency crossover point and bass phase setting, greatly improving the final sound performance;

      The 8-inch coaxial midrange tweeter's dual Neodymium magnetic circuit has a long-term carrying power capacity of more than 300 watts. In addition to its high sensitivity and extremely abundant sound pressure margin, it is matched with the left and right woofer speakers. The combination of cabinets and perfect point  source spherical wave sound makes S3C easy to have accurate sound image localization;

      The ultra-low resonant frequency tripod specially designed for S3C makes S3C have a sturdy sound platform. In addition to helping to resist the vibration of the cabinet under the condition of super heavy sound pressure, it can more accurately adjust the sound axis direction of S3C to ensure S3C reached its best state.

      Whether it is a whisper or thunder and thunder, the strings fall to the loudest sound of the pipe organ, S3C can accurately restore

      NSR S3C Center Speaker Unlimited Potential Discovered by You

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