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RS Bookshelf Loudspeaker Stand



      RS Bookshelf Loudspeaker Stand

      Design of bookshelf speaker stand has not been revolutionised for a long time! Many makers use racks simply by stitching cheap and rough steel pipes together and they look absolutely boring. If you already own one of those, you will definitely regret when you look at the innovative design of the RS Bookshelf Loudspeaker Stand.

      Removable top plate structure which allows the user to pick the right plate to fit the installation of different bookshelf speakers without the need to change the entire stand.

      Front and rear pillars and base structure with different shapes and thickness provides a sturdy support for the speaker with extremely low resonance.

      ●  The composite structure composed of aluminium alloy, stainless steel and bronze alloy allow the stand to be accurately adjusted for large pitch angle and the sound pointing axis of the bookshelf speaker to optimise for the stepping characteristics and frequency response.

      Ultra-high-precision craftsmanship, imported aluminium alloy materials, the height of the tripod stand an the size of the top plate, and the connection with the speaker can be individually optimeised and customised.

      Special model tailor-made fro SWING bookshelf speakers is also available.

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    RS Bookshelf Loudspeaker Stand

    RS Bookshelf Loudspeaker Stand

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