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NSR Audio high-end audio racks

Release time:2020-03-25

原文链接 NSR high-end audio racks. "Audio racks design is basically to help equipment achieve the best "zero vibration. Most of these vibrations are actually small vibrations from the equipment its...

SWING ---bookshelf speaker with a top tweeter

Release time:2017-09-01

NSR BackgroundNSR short for “Natural Sound Research”was proudly used to describe what the brand is keen on and pursuing in sonic research and reproduction realism. The brand creator Kevin Wu, often ...

NDP preamp/headphone amp+ Focal Utopia headphone

Release time:2017-08-22

NSR NDP preamp/headphone amp + Focal Utopia headphoneAs of writing this review, the whole set of NMT media transport + NDP preamp/headphone amp + Focal Utopia headphone was standing right in the ...

Digital Age--- the NSR NDP

Release time:2017-08-04

The NSR NDP is a complete, modern headphone preamplifier for today’s music lover.

The NSR NMA Three-in-One Amplifier

Release time:2017-03-18

The NSR NMATo those who missed the NSR Model One, it’s gonna be good news for them that the NSR will soon release more audio components better catering to mainstream market’s needs. The re-positione...

The Model One---A new generation of Integrated Amplifier

Release time:2017-03-14

High Level of Reproduction Realism About three years ago, Kevin, the founder of Fu Sheng Audio based in Guangzhou, introduced me to have a listening experience with a Pureaudio DAC30. Later on, I...

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