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The NSR NMA Three-in-One Amplifier

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For those who missed the NSR model one, this is good news for them, NSR will soon release more audio components to meet the needs of the mainstream market better. The repositioned product range includes NMA all-in-one integrated amplifiers, digital preamplifiers NDP, media players NDP, media transmission NMT, headphone amplifiers NPH, and power amplifiers NS160 (4 ohms) and NS380 (4 ohms). During the National Day holiday, at the invitation of Fusheng Audio Equipment Company founder Kevin, I came to their luxurious listening room and auditioned his proud masterpiece-NSR NMA.

Speaking of Model One, Kevin was full of emotions and memories-it took more than 1500 days and nights from early concepts to prototypes, and produced three samples to compare different data and hearing tests. In the end, it took another 40 days of hard work to measure objective data and subjective performance, But the Model One we see today can't see any rough traces. In 2014, Model One was exhibited at the audio exhibition and attracted the attention of many enthusiasts with its outstanding quality and outstanding features. The 100 W Model One has an HDMI interface and an OPPO Blu-ray player that effortlessly drives Dynaudio speakers to provide impeccable imaging, musicality, and purity. Widely praised, Model One represents a new generation of high-resolution integrated amplifiers, which are different from others. It integrates an easy-to-use digital interface, a powerful DAC, and a pure Class A fully differential preamplifier.

Kevin's successful experience inspired by Model one and his extensive experience developing Model One laid the foundation for the excellent work of his engineering team. NSR has always pursued uncompromising sound art at an affordable price. Because of this idea, the all-in-one amplifier NSR NMA was developed. Compared with Model 1, NMA actually has more complete functions, and its dominant high-resolution media player can perform hardware decoding on DSD ISO music files and almost any existing music format. The 30 kg chassis shows that it is as hard as the Model one. The feature-rich NSR NMA can hardly find anything worth matching on the market in terms of its extraordinary design and unique sound.


Concise but not Simple

NSR has always been committed to its user-friendly and usable design concept. For this reason, although NSR NMA is not as heavy as Model One, it still maintains a simple but not simple appearance. NSR's chief designer responsible for the arrival of the product is Xie Jianhua. Xie Jianhua is the head of an interior design company. His masterpieces include BMW 4s Store, Li & Fung Hotel, and Fanyu District Government Building. As an enthusiast, Mr. Xie has always maintained his design credo. Years: Technology has set the standard for art. He had long dreamed of designing his audio equipment one day, and now his dream has come true. In the beginning, he was very excited about Kevin's invitation to cooperate. Although he has never worked on a similar design project before, he has confidence in the machine's voice, and he knows how the device should look. He feels that Audio equipment has a soul, and how to convey the essence to the audience at a glance is crucial. The design of the NSR NMA is relatively large. However, the volume knob and LED display are intentionally made small. As Mr. Xie explained, this large and small contrast will provide a sophisticated yet vibrant visual sense. Smooth rounded corners like Chinese Kung Fu give a sense of harmony, not a positive impression. From Model One to NMA, NSR has always strived to maintain its appearance and style while providing customers with the best user experience.

NMA is lighter than the Model one, but this will not reduce costs. In fact, on the contrary, its design has adopted more technology. Although NMA is lighter, the base and cover can still reach 10kg, and the whole set weighs more than 30kg. The heavyweight means better vibration elimination performance; also, NMA's unique soft and hard sandwich structure chassis design will further ensure pure and stable sound.

Concerning eliminating vibrations, Model One may have the ultimate design skills and investment. This is why Model one cannot be mass-produced. NMA's goal is not only to maintain the best Model one, but also to make it in bulk at an affordable price. Combining preamp and amplifier functions, coupled with a dominant media player and decoding and control section, the all-in-one NMA has a space-saving unit that does not reduce sound.


Best Materials 

This feature-rich, high-resolution integrated amplifier Built on achievements


Incredible Sonic Quality

In the NSR’s glamorous, nearly 60 square meters listening room, the NMA mated with the seemingly unmatched NSR Swing bookshelf speakers, offered an incredible sound with a formidably expansive sound stage and textural density. To me, not a surprise at all! You will feel the same if you get to know they once paired the Swing speakers with the Model One to play pop music or Jazz in a hall holding one hundred people. The jaw-dropping sound got everyone’s top mark. What the NSR NMA impressed me most was its slippery sound like caressing smooth silk or savoring a vintage wine. The NMA offered an utmost lifelike performance. One could only hear previously from the Hi-end single-ended vacuum tube. The subtle ambiance and detailed nuances of every note Excellent results through the NMA’ s spectacular detail retrieval capability. The recordings of Yo-Yo Ma’s cello demonstrated the NMA’s ability to be true to the source. They enabled the instrument to take on a much more sober mien, which translated into more realistic sounds coming out of the speakers. The musical result is that I felt like being transported to my private concert hall, and all that is needed was a pair of Swing speakers.

The 80 W power NMA exhibited an extensive soundstage; the bass was strong but not aggressive. The NSR engineers designed and produced their amplifiers always around the “the last watt” concept, and from this philosophy came the NSR utmost sound quality even at full power output. As is known to all audiophiles, “the first watt” is of importance for the components to bring quality sound as the nominal power output usually stays at 1W. But the leader of NSR, Kevin thinks otherwise. He believes “the last watt” is where the real problem is, and the hardest part is how to keep the sound at “the last watt” as pure as that of “the first watt.” As a result, The NSR NMA 80W power was measured at its full power output with THD+N less than 0.03% distortion at 20kHz. Even outperformed many other brands measured at 1kHz/1W.

The ultra-low distortion contributed to the NMA astonishing neutral sonic quality, evidenced primarily by the bassy and energetic sound---gracefully at ease. The black background of this component added minimal coloration to the original recording. Whether it was the lowest of lows or the highest of highs, it was just that the NMA didn’t bring those frequencies to my attention---they were just “there.” It was nearly sonically invisible.


Sum up

The Model One is the pilot item, following which is going to be a full set of the product range by the NSR. The NSR NMA is another integrated audio component by the NSR one can hardly find anything lacking in the sound quality or technique engineering of the Model One. The NMA represents a milestone in the internal audio components. It redefines the high-end sound with its unbeatable technology, audio capabilities, and its down-to-earth price. For those who are dreaming about bringing a most easy-to-use integrated amplifier, I suggest you have an audition on this component, And I ’m pretty sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


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