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Digital Age--- the NSR NDP

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NSR NDP --- the highest resolution headphone preamplifier

NSR NDP is the complete, modern headphone preamp for today's music lovers.

Our dedicated HDMI interface is very suitable for hardware to decode SACD stream data and receive DSD data up to 512 (22.4M); the headphone output is 600mw / 32 ohms (THD + N <0.001%).


NSR NDP Introduction

After about six years of design, manufacturing, and testing work, NSR NDP is now here with our proud brand, NSR. Over the past six years, a series of significant events have happened here, our powerful and beautiful amplifiers, Swing speakers and today's actor NDP were born one by one.


Breathtaking beauty

NDP has a similar appearance to our all-in-one amplifier NMA. The neat front panel and volume knob, the sophisticated design of the LED screen, and the surprising position and size bring classic and vintage beauty to music lovers who will never endure the rough and flattering of many other amplifiers design.



Exact high-end features and excellent resolution


NDP positions itself precisely as a pure digital preamplifier with an expanded digital interface set, including HDMI interface, USB, AES / EBU, S / PDIF, and Toslink. Traditional analog inputs Completely abandoned The preamplifier remains in analog mode with RCA and XLR analog outputs.

NSR engineers spare no effort to source the best materials from around the world and go to great lengths to match each transistor to the exacting standards manually. NSR NDP has two ESS9018 chips and a dedicated HDMI interface built into a rugged DAC module to receive local I2S and DSD music data. It can hardware decode local DSD files, including DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, and DSD512; The USB input reliably and accurately receives audio data in PCM format up to 32-bit / 768KHz, while supporting almost any high-resolution music format, including DXD files. As a result, NSR NDP cracked the pure audio playback code of the highest resolution music format and let you rediscover valuable records.

Most audio formats are compatible with NDP digital-to-analog converters.


Unrivaled chassis topology

It combines powerful preamp functions, a first-class digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and headphone amplifiers. Sandwich structure design. The internal components and other circuits are located in a shielded steel box and are not affected by temperature and humidity. They can work under the same conditions to protect them from static and electromagnetic interference and external dust and moisture.

Choosing NSR NDP is choosing a higher level of music life experience! Real high-end preamps with high-quality headphone stage, stay here!


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