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R2 Reference Rack



      R2 Reference Rack

      If the best is too costly, is there a next best that costs a little less resist vibration? R2 reference rack is probably one of the best choices.

      The foundation is always the most important to a rack system. We adopt specially shaped bronze alloy footers and stainless steel aluminium alloy screws and base to isolate the vibration come from the floor.

      The rack system is made of precise and sturdy pillars and supporting base structure made of carbon fibre, silicon rubber and aluminium alloy, transmitting every bit of vibration away from the rack system.

      Sandwiched aluminium ally / carbon fibre shelf board. Aside from its heavy duty weight, it has amazingly low resonance frequencies are ideal for supporting audio equipments.

      The manufacturing precision of 0.05mm guarantees the levelling of each shelf, which means that one only needs to adjust the levelling of one of them! The exquisite craftsmanship satisfies the user both visually and audibly.

      One can alter the number of shelves without replacing the nails and pads. The upgrade procedures are straightforward and simple.

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    R2 Reference Rack

    R2 Reference Rack

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