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SWING Bookshelf Speaker




    SWING Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    In the 30s and 40s of the last century,big-scale jazz bands were very popular in the United States. The dancing music they performed were moving, lively,rhythmic,artistic and provocative.When people heard the music,they couldn't help but dance with the rhythm. People call it Swing.

    As the name suggests,SWING loudspeakers were born to express the rhythm in the music and let the listener immerse into the ocean of music as they play.

    Bookshelf Loudspeakers are inherently good at creating excellent soundstage and positioning of sund images. In order to make the music more lively and allow the speakers to be driven more easily , paper cone coated with glue and small soft dome tweeters are adopted. Paper cone sounds lively and comfortable to ears. With the coating. Apart from better extension to low frequency, it reduces the resonance peaks of medium-high frequency, making the music plump and natural. Small diameter soft dome tweeters have higher usable frequency than large dome tweeters. When the top grille is removed, there will be a 3dB gain above 12kHz, boosting the ultra high frequency overtones to compensate the attenuation due to medium listening distance. Therefore,SWING is claimed to be a rare two-way three unit double tweeter design.

    In order to achieve the required performance, we purposely asked Norwegian speaker maker, Seas, to custom make our own bass unit. Then we aged and paired them in our own factory. Specially coated paper cone diaphragm, ultra long distance linear stroke, small soft dome,simple crossover circuit,large manually welded frequency divider, Special top mounter ultra high frequency compensation , precise double inverting frequency design, 6N oxygen free copper wiring, +/- 0.25dB unit pairing, 0.5Nm screw torque, environment friendly sound absorbing materials of weight as precise as grams, flexible upgrade options(optional large external phase compensation crossover and SWING RS tripod) are amongst the key features to make music more touching!



    Two way three unit double tweeter design consisting of a 5” mid-bass woofer, two 0.5” tweeters;

    Left and right units and electronic components are carefully matched to ensure the error does not exceed 0.5dB;

    Unique ultra high tweeters to enhance overtones

    Unique dual inverted tuning design

    Low powered phase angel distortion design (200-10kHz;<±9 degrees);

    Select premium veneer exterior

    Frequency response:

    58-40kHz ± 3dB; 120-12kHz ± 2dB





    Dimension(W x H x D):


    Power Handling:

    5-100 watts


    6 kg/unit

    HD map




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